Answers To Common Questions About My Hypnosis Treatment

Can you use traditional therapy insurance CPT Codes for hypnosis?

Answer: I don’t know what or how insurance companies use CPT codes for traditional therapy that could be considered part of the hypnosis process. I have not had clients who wanted insurance companies to refund for hypnosis services based on traditional CPT Codes. My only experience with clients receiving compensation for hypnosis treatment through an insurance provider has involved a client’s use of a flexible spending account.


What is the cost of a hypnotherapy session, and what is the cost for the regular therapy session? 

Answer: A hypnosis session could cost from $330 to $450. Most 2 hour sessions would be $330. If the procedure is likely to take longer than 2 hours and may require a short break, the cost could be up to $450. Currently, I only offer a limited number of in office client sessions on Wednesdays.

How many hypnotherapy sessions does one typically need to see relief or benefit?  

Answer: I can't guarantee how many sessions a client would need or whether hypnosis will work for any specific individual. Typically, we would be addressing one issue that a client wants to change in one session. 

For example, I have had clients with phobias who have had positive results after one session. Some clients have required 2 sessions. The number of sessions required can depend on how early a trauma occurred, how intense the client's experience was at the time of the initial trauma event, how their phobia developed or other issues. Sometimes, I might repeat the same procedure in the second session and sometimes I might use a different procedure for the second session.
After a client experiences a hypnosis session, it can be beneficial to allow a few weeks to assess how inward shifts start to globalize in other parts of a client's life. I can tell you I have seen hypnosis foster positive changes much faster than I would expect in traditional therapy.

Again, I cannot guarantee any procedure but know that these protocols can be quite beneficial to those who undergo hypnosis and NLP techniques.